30th Street Deli

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? I certainly do! But something I’ve always struggled with is the question of what to put in it. Whenever I buy a sandwich from a good sandwich spot I feel like there must be something special they do to make it so good, because no matter what I do it never stands up to those delicious deli sandwiches. So, I decided to experiment a bit. I wanted a sandwich that was simple, but that still had lots of flavor. This sandwich doesn’t have many ingredients, but I realized it doesn’t matter how much fluff you fill your sandwich with—it’s all in the sauce. With the combination of simple condiments, I’ve put together a spread so yummy I melt inside with every delectable bite. With a consistent base, whatever you decide to fill your sandwich with will be super tasty. For me, the ingredients I always use for the sandwich fill are: avocado and red onion. Then, depending on my craving for the day I will either fry an egg or put some cheddar cheese in it for some filling protein. If neither of those things are your jam, I’ve had it without protein too and it’s just as yummy! The finished product really comes down to your personal taste.


2 slices of a bread of your preference (I use sourdough) 

— 1 avocado

— 1 slice of red onion

— 1 egg or protein of your choice (not required)

— Cassie’s special sauce—> mayonnaise, yellow mustard, and 고추장 (gochujang)


  1. Toast bread and fry egg in preferred manor. Sometimes I like it as what I call a brown egg- mixed and then fried like a pancake- and sometimes I like a runny egg.
  2. Mix together mayo, yellow mustard, and 고추장. I never measure these out, I just throw them together and mix until it’s a sort of red-orange color. Sometimes I have to add more of something to get the right taste. If I had to estimate amounts I’d say equal parts mayo and 고추장 with yellow mustard half the amount of one of those. 
  3. When toast is done, place on plate and spread the special sauce on both pieces of bread. Then, on one slice spread the avocado.
  4. Add egg and then onion slices on top of the slice of bread with avocado.
  5. Place the other slice of bread on top and cut in half.
  6. Bon appétit!

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